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10 Stitches

No blogging for months, and now plenty to blog about!

So, I’m coming home from work yesterday, and as I approach the door, I hear some really loud screaming coming from inside the house. As I prepare for the verbal-”tongue-lashing”-discipline I’m fixing to have to lay down, I open the door.

Trlica is sitting in the floor at the bottom of the stairs with Jackson in her lap. Eyes as big as tennis balls. She commands I come to her RIGHT NOW. Suddenly, my tongue-lashing plan starts to waver. I walk to her, and as I approach, I see her hand, covered in blood, and Jackson’s head, covered in blood.

I freaked. (But don’t tell my family that.)

Visions of skull fractures and brain damage are racing through my mind as I ask what happened. Thankfully, he hadn’t fallen off the stairs. Instead, he was jacking around with Celeste, and (probably) ran into a table and filleted open his right ear. Musta hit an artery for all the blood that was there. When I see that it’s his ear lobe and not coming from the ear canal, my coronaries opened up again and let my heart have some oxygen.

After talking it over with Mike D (who is now more than ever our good ER friend, since we see him more than our pediatrician these days), we take Jackson in to TCH for an evaluation.

10 stitches. Crying about the injury: 10/10. Crying about the concept of going to the emergency room: 6/10. Crying about the IV they placed for his sedation: 1/10. Crying about the prospect of taking off his shirt so it doesn’t get dirty when they start to fix his ear: 8/10. Crying about the pulse oximeter probe on his finger and the stickers on his chest so he can be monitored during his ketamine trip: 7/10. (By the way, he was sutured up in Room 17 - the very first room I ever used ketamine in… that’s kinda cool.) Number of times he asked to have the pulse oximeter and IV taken out after it was all said & done: between 150 and 900.

I’ve posted some pictures of the ear for you sickos who like the gore. Thanks to my wonderful wife Trlica, who recommended WD-40 to remove the sticky residue from his chest and hand (recommended as a joke). …it worked great! (NOTE: This is not a professional recommendation - attempt at your own risk.)


Scratch my back & rub it

Forgot to post in the last note… Jackson has picked up a genetic (from his mom) addiction to his back being scratched. Whenever he’s sleepy or in need of affection, he comes over, raises his shirt, turns around, and commands: “scratch my back and rub it.” His mom has been doing this for years. Next, he’ll develop the ability to not hear anything that’s being said to him (a genetic trait from his father)… oh, no, wait… he already has that too!

Checked the trees on the property last weekend, and it’s not good. Pretty sure ALL of our citrus is dead. That really blows chunks. We’re gonna get some big pots and baby some citrus trees at this point. Very frustrating. :(

Short note today. CK

Free Time

  It’s been a few months since the last post and I figured I’d drop a note in here to keep the story rolling. Our last post being in October, I guess we have a little bit to report here.
  First off, we had our annual hay ride in the first week of November. This was the best one so far, since everyone was out at the property rather than basing out of the house. We set up a couple of 4×6′ plywood tables and had a buffet of barbecue & pot-luck for everyone to enjoy. Worked out really well. The hayride itself was plus/minus… the plus was that we had a new piece of land to drive on, which made the ride a little bit more fun. The minus was that Jackson decided to stand up on the front of the trailer and took a header (quite literally) onto the tongue of the trailer. Quite the bruise, but fortunately, he’s got a skull that’s about a foot thick so he ended up being OK.
  We had Thanksgiving and Christmas with our extended families, which was nice as always. We even had a fairly big snow storm in there, and the kids got to build a snowman… perfect snow for doing that! While the snowman was fun to make, it did require a little cosmetic adjustment after building, because evidently, dog poop rolls right up into a snowball. Yup. Awesome. Still, a little fresh snow on the outside, and nobody was the wiser.
  Celeste is doing well in school. She has achieved “independent reader” status and is reading 10-15 pages per night with plenty of big words. She is also enjoying the Zoo Tycoon game that she got for Christmas on her new notebook. Her favorite activity in Zoo Tycoon: releasing the lions from their cage and letting them feast on the park guests. I’m thinking that her next game will be Lawsuit Tycoon. Either that, or Second Life… she’s in “Love” with a boy named Johnathan right now… ever since they kissed during a dinner party we hosted back in November. We’re getting questions like “When we get married, do I have to buy a ring?”… not really the kind of talk a dad wants to hear from his daughter. Ever. Especially at 6. Gimme a break girl!
  Jackson is on again/off again with his behavior. He’s super sweet when he’s rested, full, and happy. Whenever he gets tired, hungry, or “set off” though… watch out. We’re still struggling with the right way to handle him. In all though, he’s still a good kid. We have lots of fun, and he breaks lots of stuff. We’re keeping an eye on him too in the “ladies” department, since Trlica busted him looking a girl up & down at a birthday party recently. So far, it looks like an isolated incident. We’ll keep the fingers crossed. Our favorite thing he’s been doing lately is part of the night time ritual, giving out “little sugars, medium sugars, and ‘BEAR’ Sugars” & the same for hugs. Fun times.
  The electric car finally got the last of the major bugs worked out (seemingly) in early January. I’ve been driving it pretty routinely for a little over a month with little trouble. The items left pending right now are an update to the battery management system so that it doesn’t cripple the car immediately when the battery warning light goes off, and to get a new throttle circuit that will allow me to give it ‘full throttle’… I’m working on about 65% right now. It works, but it’s not really ‘zippy.’
  Finally, the garden… we spent all this time ripping out the gardening bed this fall and transitioning to a potted garden. Then it froze. A lot. We have plenty of dead stuff now. We’re not sure what trees survived the ordeal out at the property. Anxiously awaiting spring to see what will come back. Thanks Mother Nature - b(^@h.
  Finally, the fish: Finny the 6th (or whatever version we were on) died. We’ve decided that gourami are no longer welcome in our tank. Chloe (angel fish) is the only surviving cast member. Go Chloe!
  Enough. Thanks for reading. CK